Passion Body Stockings and Teddies

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  • Passion Agawa Body
    Get up to all kinds of mischief, in the Agawa Body, from premium European lingerie range, Passion, and let your naughty side take a hold of you and your partner. This gorgeous piece is worn on the upper half of the body, clinging to the skin comfortably for a fit that the wearer will enjoy as much a..
    Ex Tax: £22.99 £22.99
  • Passion Athena Body Black
    Release your inner goddess, by donning the Athena Body in black, from the sublimely sexy Passion lingerie range, and enjoy some heavenly sensations. Like the Greek goddess, from whom it takes its name, this garment oozes power and confidence, and is sure to give the wearer a similar amount of domini..
    Ex Tax: £17.99 £17.99
  • Passion Athena Body White
    Unleash the goddess that lives within, by slipping into the Athena Body in white, from the beautifully crafted Passion lingerie range, and enjoy earth shaking pleasures. Just like Athena, the Greek goddess after whom this garment is named, the wearer of this gorgeous item will exude power, beauty an..
    Ex Tax: £17.99 £17.99
  • Passion Beryl Body
    A sultry and incredibly hot, little, black number, the Beryl, from lingerie geniuses, Passion, is guaranteed to get yours and your partners hearts pumping that little bit faster. Made from gorgeous black mesh, this bodysuit clings to the body, while revealing the curves and finer parts of the figure..
    Ex Tax: £16.99 £16.99
  • Passion Body Stocking With Cut Outs Black
    Cut away any mediocrity in your sex life, with this Body Stocking With Cut Outs in black, from the sublime Passion lingerie range, and enjoy exciting and new sensual experiences. An arresting and alluring design combines super fine mesh and flesh for an exceptionally erotic texture, which is certain..
    Ex Tax: £11.99 £11.99
  • Passion Body Stocking With Cut Outs White
    Shear your sex life of all boredom and monotony, with this Body Stocking With Cut Outs in white, from the stunning Passion lingerie range, and let your desires lead you into new and exciting experiences. In stunning, pure white this item flaunts flesh alongside the incredible to touch super fine mes..
    Ex Tax: £11.99 £11.99
  • Passion Camille Body
    Stun your partner into submission, with the arresting Camille Body, from European premium lingerie range, Passion, and take pleasure in their dumbstruck reaction. With an exciting and dramatic shape, this one piece is designed to get the most out of the body, cutting into the centre of the abdomen t..
    Ex Tax: £27.99 £27.99
  • Passion Caroline Body
    Let your body do the talking, in this Caroline Body suit, from the incredibly sexy Passion lingerie range, an ideal outfit to compliment the figure. With bare sides, and what is an essentially open back, this one piece flaunts the flesh with abundant glee, letting the wearer show off their body. A s..
    Ex Tax: £25.99 £25.99
  • Passion Carolyn Body
    Use this revealing Carolyn Body suit, from the legendary European lingerie range, Passion, to help whisk you and your partner away into a world of exhilarating fantasy. This simple, yet startlingly effective, design embraces the body with a gorgeous two tone effect that combines a black satin finish..
    Ex Tax: £27.99 £27.99