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  • 3 Bangs for your Butt Junior
    The mighty 3 Bangs for your Butt dildo proved to be our biggest ever selling toy. It topped sales of all our big toys, through its great, BIG design and quality. Now, they have designed a small version for those of you whose eyes just watered at the sight of the original Hand poured in the USA, t..
    Ex Tax: £20.99 £20.99
  • 3 Way Play
    As the name suggest it can be used in 3 different ways each with its unique feeling. Totally flexible and durable to reach that sweet spot...
    Ex Tax: £12.99 £12.99
  • American Bombshell B7 Warhead Gun Metal
    Looking for bigger and better, The Warheads triple ripples give intense stimulation, and with a girthy yet sleek shaft, the 7 inch will excite even the most experienced users...
    Ex Tax: £14.99 £14.99
  • American Bombshell Ballistic 10 Inch Dildo
    For those seeking serious action, the Ballistic packs wallop at 10 inches of heavily ribbed shaft with a wide girth and plush balls...
    Ex Tax: £41.99 £41.99
  • Andromede Huge Suction Cup Dildo
    Super large dildo with suction cup and big ridges for extra stimualtion..
    Ex Tax: £48.99 £48.99
  • Baseball Banger
    The new Baseball Banger is actually shaped like a baseball bat. The balls are baseballs too. Score a home run with this BIG new sex toy. Baseball Banger is 12 inches long 10.5 inches insertable, 1.5 inch thick 5 inches around at the base, and 2.5 inches thick 7.75 inches around at the widest point ..
    Ex Tax: £31.99 £31.99
  • Belladonnas Bitch Fist
    Shes the kinkiest girl in porn. And when she makes a fist, she knows exactly where its going. Get as nasty as you want to be with Belladonnas Bitch Fist. An exact replica cast from the superstar herself, its made in the USA of Doc Johnson and rsquos own latex free, anti bacterial Sil A Gel formula. ..
    Ex Tax: £28.99 £28.99
  • Belladonnas Magic Hand
    Molded from Belladonna herself, a life size replica of her hand..
    Ex Tax: £22.99 £22.99
  • Bendable Winky
    The Bendable Winky is a pliable dildo that you can bend into any desired direction to insure total satisfaction. The Bendale Winky had a gloriously seductive length of 28cm with 4cm of width and is formed in PVC. This whopping dildo is perfect for anal play as well as vaginal play due to its abilit..
    Ex Tax: £23.99 £23.99